About - The People Behind the Project

Mirik Snir

mirik snir A well known and respected children’s books writer from Israel. Her first book was published in -1982. Since then more than 90 books have come out. All are living titles and in demand. Mirik Snir’s books help children to acquire reading and writing in Hebrew, in Israel and abroad, not only to understand what is read, but also to love it. The books are found in the majority of households, schools and kindergartens, in the conventional education as well as in alternative education. Educators use her books with great joy and success to teach proficiency in language.

Mirik Snir lectures on various subjects related to education and regards it as her mission to voice children's issues to parents, teachers and educators.  In her lectures she combines dramatized plays, brought from the sources, and sayings of children. Mirik Snir believes with all her heart that language builds connection. The height of interpersonal connection is love. The opposite of connection is an Island, non connection, not talking from which arises violence. Eclipsed and weak communication in early childhood, can take on  violent expression later on, whereas rich language and a childhood that builds trust, will strengthen and increase the love of man in the world.

Sonia Sechel

Sonia Sechel A gifted Artist joined Mirik eight years ago. Sonia created tirelessly and freely, with depth and with unbridled imagination. Her unique personality influenced the initiative greatly. The process of choosing from the plentitude of illustrations combined with biblical text greatly challenged and excited us. We advanced in this exhausting and inspiring journey, slowly, cautiously and aware of the size of the task.

From the first step, Mirik's Mother, Rachel Segel Rabinowitz, teacher and woman of values, and her father, a man with great understanding of the heart. Both of them accompanied Mirik in the long and winding process and were an unending source of support.

Ruti Kantor and her studio crew worked with us for many years. They got excited and dreamed with us. They supported us professionally and offered us typographical, artistic,and design solutions.

Yael Biran, Mirik’s sister that has worked for years as a teacher in mixed education, secular and religious, connected with us in the last years and was an important link in consolidating the contents and the final design of the book.

Eleor Snir, Mirik’s daughter, designed with charm and understanding the special words, that one can “read” them without knowing how to read.

Rudy Lamprecht, an art collector from Switzerland- supported us during the long stage of development and gave us a space to dream.

Israel Snir, Mirik’s partner, supported the initiative at every phase and in every way and thanks to him it could be completed.

Keren Amram from “Feather Publishing” helped greatly at the final stage of design and preparation for printing, with creativity, initiative, and patience.

With great fortune and help from above we were joined by two great people. Elizabeth and Dima Shneider. They brought together the final stages- the transition from a designed vision to a computer model and finally to a printed book.

Along the long and bumpy road, whose difficult curves and great heights we won’t expand on now, we consulted with secular and religious. The feedback we collected was of great value and we are thankful for them. At every stage we felt, the crew and I that our work is needed and wanted and many await its completion.

Gold Edition(Limited)

Gold Edition - The Creation Story book

» Limited Edition (356 books)
» Signed by Mirik Snir and Sonia
» Round book in elegant gold packaging
» 176 double pages of art at its best
» Creation story original text (In Hebrew)
» Unique textual design
» Many more surprises for the reader!

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Silver Edition

Silver Edition - The Creation Story book

» Round book in elegant silver packaging
» 176 double pages of art at its best
» Creation story original text (In Hebrew)
» Unique textual design
» Many more surprises for the reader!

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