BERESHIT BARA - Commentary

The existence of the commentary alongside the holy text is customary in the tradition of Israel, In the book BERESHIT BARA the biblical text is found on the the basic text. In the opening windows there is additional text that relates in different ways to the Source.

The Word “Elohim” G-d

The first window, small and round demonstrates our discovery that even if we take out a letter from the word Elohim, letter after letter. The meaning of the word will remain - Elohim, Elohi. Ela, El, E.

Amazement and Wonder

The square page that opens for the first time under Tohu Vevohu, “chaos”, is called with its inspiration, amazement and wonder (in Hebrew TEHIYOT OBEHIYOT). In the continuation of the book the page Amazement and Wonder opens always under “It is good” (CI TOV). There exists a symbology, between the connection “It is good”, that is a designed a seal of quality and the seal of the King, upon which there is no dispute, and the window,  Tohu Vevohu, “chaos”, that opens below it, that awakens questions, listening and discussion. On the page, Amazement and Wonder, we encounter members of one family and a group of children with a kindergarten teacher, that raise different issues that bring the content of the days of creation closer to the reader. The sayings of the children quoted there, are not jokes! It is possible and worthwhile to make use of them to open an honest discussion on the issue. When on the first day one of the children wonders: If G-d created light, why did he leave the darkness? it raises a great question for debate at any age...

wonders      Ki Tov


After The Sabbath day, there is a page that deals with the word BERESHIT. You will find in it little words and sentences that are hidden in the word, and more of its mysteries. You can wonder about the surprising connection between the names of the days of the week- that are also the first counting names- and the word BERESHIT. Twenty three of the letters of the names of the days of the week find their source in the word Genesis and only seven are not.

Three windows at the end of each day of the days of creation 

Language window
In the opening window, always a page that counts the days- First day, second day and so on - The reader is invited to to meet words and sentences from that same day: to play with them, to discover what is hidden in them and their connection to other words and our messages.


The Commentary Window
This opening reminds us in its form The Holy Ark and we bring there small commentaries from the sources, that are connected to each to each day of Creation. This is a great opportunity to taste from the treasures of our sages that we have inherited. The illustration of Sonia Sechel enliven the commentaries and bring them closer to us.

The Songs window
In this opening is offered a poem from that day of Creation, written by mirik Snir. The poetic illustrations decorate the poems. This window is meant to encourage the reader to connect to the story and to create in its way.

The book BERESHIT BARA offers the audience of the book to taste from additional levels of the tradition that connect with the Bible stories, to comment on them oneself, to create with their inspiration and to discover the relevancy of the Book of Genesis in their lives.

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