Reading together

The presence of an elder next to the child at the time of reading is very important. In the beginning the Elder reads and  the child listens. Later on, the child joins in the reading with the sentences and words that his ears picked up or that he learnt to identify visually.

How to read in BERESHIT BARA      How to read in BERESHIT BARA

Daily reading

We suggest reading everyday about only one day of Creation, On Sunday - it is suggested to read the foreword to the book and the first day of Creation, On Monday, the second day of Creation and so forth. In this way we won’t burden the child nor get fed up. This type of reading allows more time to relate to the illustrations, to the effects, to the words, to the pages that open and their content. It leaves time for discussion and mutual listening. In the beginning of each day of Creation and in the end, there appears illustrated pages without words. We suggest awakening the children to pay attention to these pages and to relate to themby manner of words.

How to read in BERESHIT BARA      How to read in BERESHIT BARA

The full page of text at the opening of each day

Each day we will open up the full text of that day- on the basis of illustration. Later on, the text is divided into very short paragraphs and into solitary words. At the beginning stages it is recommended to acquaint children with the divided and illustrated text, and only after really getting to know it, to add on reading of the continuous text.

Reading in stages

The special words

There is a special importance to words that receive a constant form and easy characteristic for identifying and deciphering. The elder will challenge the child to participate in its reading, but will not pressure him nor test his abilities. When the child feels confident, He will join willingly and excitedly to the “reading”. Do not awaken and arouse the love until it flowers

There was Day and Night

In the repeating page of there was day there was night- The illustration of the world develops and and comes together according to what was created on that Day. It would be right to discover it and to describe it in their language, what they see.

Protecting the creation      Protecting the creation

The search between the connection between different days of the Creation
After re-reading, after a good acquaintance with the book, We should try and discover a connection between the following days; Between the first day, where the light for the fourth day was created, where the lights were created. Between the second day, where there was a separation of earth and water, to the fifth day where the water creatures were created and the birds in the sky. Between Tuesday where we saw the land and the growing of vegetables and fruits, Between Friday where the animals of the field and man were invited to enjoy from all the best of the land. Pay attention that the design  and the illustration are similar. Talk about the order of Creation. Why were the plants created before the animals and so forth.

The creation of the world and protecting it

The book BERESHIT BARA gives us a wonderful opportunity to be amazed by the act of Creation. to appreciate it and to understand more our responsibility to maintain its existence. In the conversations that accompany the reading, connect the creation of the world and protecting it. Pay attention: The act of Creation is described in positive actions only. Find the message in that for us.

Listening to Children

While reading listen to your children. let them reveal by themselves the surprises that await them in the book. Allow them to gain experience and to feel good to express their ever developing abilities. Endear the book to them. Allow them, in the spirit of Grandfather, Israel, to learn in their own way. Lending an ear that reacts to the story in his own personal language, will teach the child about his parent and his world. Children that experience appreciation, consideration, and listening at the time of reading the Bible, will always connect the Book of Books, with the experience of the good life, with love!

Listening to Kids      Listening to Kids

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